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Superheros Publicity Cel

Superheros Publicity CelThis is a 19 superheroes characters Hand Painted Publicity Cel from 1973.

Featuring from upper left to right:
Birdman (Birdman & The Galaxy Trio 1967)
Coil Man & Fluid Man (The Impossibles 1966)
Zok, Tundro, Zandor (The Herculoids 1967)
Samson & Goliath (Samson & Goliath 1967)
Space Ghost (Space Ghost and Dino Boy 1966)
Superman (Superfriends 1973)
Mightor (The Mighty Mightor 1967)
Wonder Woman (Superfriends 1973)
Gleep and Gloop (The Herculoids 1967)
Batman (Superfriends 1973)
Ben Grimm - The Thing (Fantastic Four 1967)
Johnny Storm - The Human Torch (Fantastic Four 1967)
Frankenstein Jr (Frankenstein Jr 1966)

Cel size is 12f.

This Cel comes signed by Bob Singer.

Comes unframed and with a certificate of authenticity.


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